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Gestão e Governança de TI / Governança de TI / Alinhamento estratégico entre áreas de TI e negócios

What is IT Governance?
IT (Information Technology) Governance focuses
specifically on information technology systems, their performance
and risk management. The primary goals of IT Governance are to
assure that the investments in IT generate business value, and to
mitigate the risks that are associated with IT. This can be done by
implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles for
the responsibility of information, business processes, applications
and infrastructure.
IT governance should be viewed as how IT creates value
that fits into the overall Corporate Governance Strategy of the
organization, and never be seen as a discipline on its own. In taking
this approach, all stakeholders would be required to participate in
the decision making process. This creates a shared acceptance of
responsibility for critical systems and ensures that IT related
decisions are made and driven by the business and not vice versa.
Why it governance is necessary
IT governance is needed to ensure that the investments in
IT generate value, and mitigate IT-associated risks, avoiding failure.
IT is central to organizational success — effective and
efficient delivery of services and goods — especially when the IT
is designed to bring about change in an organization. This change
process, commonly referred to as “business transformation,” is now
the prime enabler of new business models both in the private and
public sectors. Business transformation offers many rewards, but it
also has the potential for many risks, which may disrupt operations
and have unintended consequences. The dilemma becomes how to
balance risk and rewards when using IT to enable organizational
IT Governance Best Practices
Despite efforts of the software industry to identify and
adopt best practices in the development of IT projects, there is still
a high rate of failure and missed objectives. Most IT projects do not
meet the organization’s objectives. Internet:
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Tendo como referência o texto em língua inglesa apresentado
acima, julgue os itens .

De acordo com o texto, a governança em TI deve ser vista
como uma disciplina autônoma, independente da estratégia da
governança corporativa.

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