Simulado Agência Brasileira de Inteligência - ABIN | Oficial de Inteligência - Área 1 | 2019 pre-edital | Questão 484

Língua Inglesa / Itens gramaticais relevantes para a compreensão dos conteúdos semânticos

Text 19A1AAA When Harold Palmer (1877 – 1949) first began as a
teacher of English as a foreign language in 1902 at a language
school in Verviers, Belgium run on Berlitz lines, the main
attraction of the job was that it allowed him to live abroad in a
French-speaking country. In all likelihood he would eventually
come back home in a few years and “settle down”, like many
others before and since. Palmer, however, stayed on, opened
his own school, and began to think seriously about the work he
was doing and how it could be improved. When he died
forty-seven years later, English language teaching was well on
its way to a professionhood which he, more than any other
single individual, had helped to bring about. A. P. R. Howatt and H. G. Widdowson. A history of English language
teaching. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, 2004, p. 264 (adapted).

Judge the following items, concerning the ideas and linguistic
aspects of text 19A1AAA.

As in the phrase “a language school in Verviers, Belgium run
on Berlitz lines” (R. 2 and 3), the relative pronoun and the
auxiliary verb which forms the passive voice have been
omitted, the excerpt “run on Berlitz lines” could be correctly
replaced with which was run on Berlitz lines

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