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Língua Inglesa / Itens gramaticais relevantes para o entendimento dos sentidos dos textos

Technology Legislation Technology-related legislation can have a huge impact
on growing businesses, and some interesting issues are likely
to pop up with the new Congress of the United States this year.
Of great interest to growing businesses are the topics of data
protection and net neutrality.
Laws that lay out more stringent requirements for
retaining and protecting employee and customer data could be
on the horizon. “The laws that apply to big business are going
to trickle down to small business,” says Ann Westerheim,
founder and president of technology consulting firm Ekaru.
“Businesses need to have that on their radar. You don’t want to
get hit with a fine because you’re not complying.” She suggests
looking at laws like Sarbanes-Oxley to get an idea of where
new tech laws could be heading.
The good news is that proper data protection is
something businesses should be doing anyway. “A lot of the
measures required to protect employee and customer data are
just good business practices,” says Westerheim. Growing
businesses can head off potential compliance costs by gradually
shoring up their IT security and data protection now.
Net neutrality is likely to be a hot issue again after
stalling in the Senate last year. Net neutrality proponents want
regulations to prevent network providers from prioritizing
certain Internet traffic. “Net neutrality is a big issue for small
businesses,” says Westerheim. A net neutrality law stands a
better chance of passing with strong Democratic backing this
year, but it figures to be a hard-fought battle. Digital copyright
issues could also come to the fore in Congress. With the
changes brought about by the last election, it will be an
interesting year for entrepreneurs to keep an eye on the
goings-on in Washington.31 Internet: <>.

Judge the following items according to the text above.

The phrasal verb “lay out” (5.6) could be correctly replaced in
the text by avoid.

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